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There are two types of gaping that women can perform, vaginal and anal. The vagina is comprised of muscle tissue that is tightly folded and naturally elastic, which allows women to give birth. When a woman is in a normal, non-sexually aroused state, the muscle tissue of her vagina will be tightly folded similar to an accordion. If she is under stress, it can become even tighter. When she becomes sexually aroused, the muscle tissues of her vagina will relax. Vaginal gaping occurs when these muscles are so relaxed that a penis or dildo sized object can be easily inserted, and after removal the vaginal hole will remain open as an invitation for further penetration. The size of the gape will differ from woman to woman, and to get the best results you will want to spend at least a half hour engaging in foreplay to help her relax and become wet.
Anal gaping involves the stretching of the anus and rectum. Each woman has two spincters in her rear end; the outer sphincter, which is easy for her to control, and the internal sphincter, which is completely involuntary and only opens during a bowel movement. To make a woman anal gape, you must trick her internal sphincter, and when done correctly it will never hurt. Anal gaping can be far more difficult to achieve than vaginal gaping, because anal sphincters are among the body's strongest muscles. However, the rewards are well worth it.
Gaping vaginal and anal holes are very beautiful and arousing. For the man, it is a huge ego booster; as you get to "own" and "stretch" her holes to a size which perfectly accomodates your penis. For the woman, the feeling of having her vagina and anus stretched out is extremely pleasurable, and comparable to an internal massage. For men that like to dominate and women that like being dominated, anal sex gaping is probably one of the most primal experiences that one can have. Women can achieve orgams through anal sex, and the best position for gaping is squatting. Making a woman anally gape can take at least a half hour or more and it will take between three and six hours for her anus to return to normal.
Our escort agency is based in Europe and we specialize in girls that can gape both vaginally and anally. Appointments must be a minimum of three hours and each girl has her own individual rates. The fees shown on our rates page are starting rates and may differ based on services requested, travel distances, etc. Contact us to arrange an appointment. Our ladies are available to fly around the EU and upon request we can show you unpublished and unblurred photos.

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